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AHEE’s Magic Ableton Templates



AHEE’s Magic Ableton Templates:




Contains 3 Ableton Templates:

-Original Template (AHEE’s original template used on all of his current & previous releases.)
-Alien Template (Template based off of the Dissecting Skrillex’s Project Video.)
-Hybrid Template (A hybrid of AHEE’s Original & Alien Templates.)

There are 3 folders of these 3 templates.

-Ableton Stock Only (These versions to require: Ableton 9.7 or above (64bit) Works in both Ableton 9 & 10.)

-PRO L1 (Audio Unit) (These versions to require: Ableton 9.7 or above (64bit), Fabfilter Pro L1 (Audio Unit), & Voxango Span (Audio Unit) Works in both Ableton 9 & 10.)

-Pro L2 (VST) (Live 10 Only) (These versions require: Ableton 10.1.4 or up, FabFilter Pro L2 (VST),& Voxango Span (VST)

*If you open and it does not recognize the plugins then you can manually replace them with your Pro L1 or Pro L2 and re-save it.


Or you can use the Stock Ableton versions, but I highly recommend using the Pro L or Pro L2, that really the whole point of me sharing these, it will make such a big difference.


*I do not have time to troubleshoot your specific issues unfortunately, if you encounter them.
*There are no refunds for this product.

To Set as your Default Template:
-Open your Ableton Preferences

-Click “File/Foler”

-Click “Save” next to “Save Current Set as Default”


How to Use the Sidechain Trigger:


There are 2 audio samples labeled “White Noise Blips” in the “SC Triggers” group.

Simply align & copy/paste them to go along with your kicks & snares for a very clean sidechain. You can adjust the “Release” on the Sidechain to scoop more, but default settings are what I use in most of my tracks.

Happy Music Making Aliens!

AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks (Add-Ons)

Includes 8 Advanced Ableton Racks:

-AHEE’s Bubble Maker

-AHEE’s Dirty Sine Rack

-AHEE’s Growl Bass Processor

-AHEE’s Heavy Driver

-AHEE’s Magic Sine Distorter 2

-AHEE’s Sidechain Reverb

-AHEE’s Stereo Saw Lead Maker

-AHEE’s Transient Recovery


All made from Ableton’s stock FX. Requires Ableton 9.7 suite or above.

Thanks for your support!


1 review for AHEE’s Magic Ableton Templates

  1. Jeremiah

    Huge life upgrade once i wrapped my tiny brain around it. The learning curve as a beginner was real..but I tried it…filled out the advanced routing one with my devices and have stuck with it for over a year learning little by little why things are that way and slowly learning each device. its the only kind of mastering i’ve tried because even as a beginner the boost to sound quality is just amazing. when you don’t want to smash things you can just not push/kill the limiters or alter the routing and use the same template.

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