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AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol 4 (Glitchy Vibes Bundle)



AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol 4 (Glitchy Vibes Bundle):

Requires Ableton 11.0.2 Suite or above!

Includes 10 Ableton Racks w/ 101 Macro Presets to create interesting glitches.

Watch demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d5LPI1hHCI

Includes: Magic Vibes (20 Presets), Frequency Worm (9 Presets), Stereo Wiggler (14 Presets), Bubble Machine(10 Presets), Resonant Glitches (14 Presets), Underwater Drip (9 Presets), Magic Trance Gates (9 Presets), Filter Styles (5 Presets), Delay Selector (5 Presets), Classic FX (6 Presets)

How To Install AHEE’s Magic Ableton Racks Vol 4:

Drop them into your Ableton Library Folder at this Location: User/Music/Ableton/User Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Audio Effect Rack


Just Drag & Drop all these into an Ableton project and then save them individually by clicking the floppy disk/save icon in the top right of rack.

Thanks so much for your support!



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