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AHEE’s Magic Racks Vol 6 (Deluxe Edition)



Requires Ableton Suite 11.3.22 or above!!!!

(Deluxe Edition) (Includes all of Standard Edition +)

AHEE’s Instant Mastering Magic – Send -6db tunes thru this. Includes genre specific presets. Perfect tool for beginners & to learn basics of mastering and achieve Pro level results instantly. (25 Presets)

AHEE’s Magic Multiband Transient Shaper – A multi-band transient shaper with native Ableton effects.

AHEE’s Silver Bullet Bass – Create Heavy Dubstep/Riddim Basses instantly with 1 rack.


+FREE Pack of AHEE’s Starship FX Serum Presets & FX Samples. (200+ FX Samples & Serum Presets) (Includes Risers, Downers, Sweeps, Noises, Sirens, Airhorns, & Lasers)


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AHEE's Sines Of Life
60 High Quality Serum Presets inspired by sine waves and percussion.


AHEE Serum Preset Bundle
AHEE's Sines Of Life (60 Serum Presets) + AHEE's Alien Bass (165 Sreum Presets) + AHEE's Gravity Power (85 Serum Presets)