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AHEE’s Magic LFO Shapes VOL. 2 – swing



AHEE’s Magic LFO Shapes VOL. 2

Requires Serum 1.315 or above.

80 Xfer Serum LFO Shapes that focus on swing patterns to help increase your creativity in the studio.

Watch demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccdU-9AGqE8


-40 Swing Bass LFOs for Dubstep/Riddim/MidTempo/Bass House

-10 Simple Swung Bass Patterns

-15 Melodies/Arp Patterns

-15 Swung Hi-Hat Patterns

Install the included folders at this location:

Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/LFO Shapes

Notes for Use:

Once you load the LFO Shapes within Serum we recommend setting them to Trigger Mode and 2 or 1 bars and apply the LFO to the OSC Level or other parameters.

For the Melodic and Interval LFO Shapes, drag the LFO to the OSC Sem (Semitones) for proper pitches. Make sure it’s set to the BiPolar setting and 100.

For the Hi-Hat LFO Shapes, drag the LFO onto the Noise OSC Level and set it to BrightWhite Noise. Set LFO to trigger and set to either 1 bar or 1/2 bar.

If you are having trouble because the LFOs don’t do anything once you try to load them it most likely means you need to update to the newest version of Serum to fix it.



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